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We have decades of experience in IT, systems, databases, Microsoft and administration solutions.

We like putting it to good use.

Our expertise

With many years of practical experience working with and in the government and legal sectors, we are able to offer a wide range of consultancy services.  We've seen it all and heard it all. We've worked with a lot of organisations, firms and government departments over the years, with many different systems and varied workplaces.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients to achieve the best outcomes, no matter how small the job. Whether you need a consultant for some quick advice, an hour, a day or a month, we'll be able to accommodate you.

Our main expertise is in:

Office automation

Identifying office processes which can be improved,

automated or eliminated.

Moving towards the "Less-Paper Office" — document

scanning and electronic filing.

Maximising the use of corporate data sharing

Formatting guides and templates

Developing paragraph formatting guides based on

corporate style guides.

Creating Microsoft Word templates based on the corporate

style guide.

Customising the Quick Style Gallery so that only corporate

styles are shown.

Deploying company themes for graphics across Microsoft


Microsoft Word

Upgrading templates to Microsoft Office 2007/2010/


Upgrading WordBasic macros

Customising the Fluid User Interface (Ribbon) to meet

specific requirements.


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