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We have all the answers to organise your business and solve your problems.
Strictly no hassles - just what you need when you need it.

Do you ever:

lose documents or files?

miss information when a client emails only one member of a team?

waste time fiddling with documents to get them right?

don't have a filing structure that your employees stick to?

find that changing little things in the office such as default printers requires wasting a large amount of time?

struggle to find files on your system?

AuthoDox has the solution to these and many more document and administration issues

Organising your office...

Sometimes it's difficult to see exactly what is causing lags or where improvements can be made. Often there is no solution, so the best solution is to make do. Organising the office is seen as a pipe dream, or better yet, a "we'll get round to it" that never happens.


All businesses regardless of size or industry face the same document issues. Any business can benefit from the productivity efficiencies and cost savings that can be gained from implementing AuthoDox. about AuthoDox making things easier, such as:

launching new documents

using documents

version control of documents

saving files in the right place, by client/matter or client/project as
    well as by the business structure

finding files on your system

using keywords to classify documents for invaluable filing and

setting document status (draft/final)

immediate access to company knowledge such as precedents,
    templates and reference material in any format

...and much more

Contact us for more information. AuthoDox provides many products and services that make organising your office easier.

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