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Fix-it now!

Got a document that just won't behave? Our Word experts are the best of the best,
which is why we offer a service to quickly format and fix Word documents.

Expert Microsoft Word document help

Expert Microsoft Word support

Our experts are here to help with any document problem or Microsoft Word issue. Find out more about our fix-my-document service.
Full confidentiality is guaranteed, which is essential to both our government and private clients who use this service regularly.


Most issues take 15 minutes for our experts to fix.

One-off fix = $30 per 15 minutes

With company account = $25 per 15 minutes


NB: Long or complex documents with a recurring issue or multiple issues can take longer. Typically we will give you an estimated time once 15 minutes has been reached.

Email us the document here:

In your message please include:

1. A brief description of the problem.

2. Your time constraints, e.g. how urgent.

3. Whether you need a formal confidentiality agreement.


If the document is too big to email securely just let us know and we will organise a secure upload facility for you.


We endeavor to respond within 2 hours when contacted between 9am-4pm.

(If you haven't heard from us within 2 hours please call us in case your email has not made it through our security firewall.)

Call us to discuss a Word issue:

(04) 472 4240

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International: +64  4  472 4240

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