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Fix-my-document service

Got a document that just won't behave? We are the experts, and we are here to provide Microsoft Word help.

We quickly format documents and fix documents, because we've seen it all.

Is this your document?

Word edit header footer problem bulletDocument footers or headers gone astray?

TOC table of contents field problem broken bulletTable of contents or fields not working?

Problem editing Word document bulletProblems with multiple authors working on a document?

Word document error field errors bulletStrange errors appearing in the document?

Word styles and formatting help bulletStyles have all changed, e.g. font or size?

Word bullets and numbering help bulletBullets or numbering have fallen off paragraphs?

Word table problem bulletCan't get tables to fit data correctly?

Word alignment problem document bulletHaving problems with alignment?

Advanced Word problem bulletAdvanced Word features are not working?


Your time is too valuable to spend on trivial issues that can take hours to fix. Let us do it for you.


Our clients who use this service include:

Fix my document and Microsoft Word help for government agencies bulletgovernment agencies

Fix my document and Microsoft Word help for scientific and academic report writersscientific writers

Fix my document service and Microsoft Word help for report writersreport writers.

Click here for confidentiality and charges information specific to the fix-my-document service.

We have the experts to help with any document problem

You can:

Email problem document to expert bulletEmail a problem document to our experts who will; review the document, fix the problem, identify the cause, email it back to you

and explain what happened as well as advise how to best prevent it happening again in future.

Send the document to us now and we'll fix it!


Discuss Word issue or problem with an expert bulletDiscuss any Word issue or document problem with one of our experts over the phone.

Call us now to discuss a Word or document problem


Hire Word expert bulletBook one of our experts to assist with formatting reports or other documents around deadline time. This means your

authors can concentrate on the content and leave the formatting hassles to us.

Contact us now to book an expert

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