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Graphic showing AuthoDox solutions combines tools for government clients; including Printing tools, Redaction, and helps enforce company policyThe Government solution

We firmly believe our software belongs in every government department and agency and so we are committed to delivering a great return on investment to the public sector.


We often encounter employees frantically struggling to cope with their workload and minimal administration support. There's no doubt that government departments are feeling the squeeze from both sides: a shrinking budget and fewer support staff. Frequently, senior employees get stuck with problems that would stump a professional administrator.


This is where AuthoDox comes in.


Because AuthoDox software increases productivity.
Not from cutting costs or cutting services, but on the front line with every employee.



Q.If AuthoDox can save every government employee up to an hour a day,

   how much time is that?

A.Tens of thousands of hours a week.



"At what cost?" you ask. AuthoDox® pricing, like our products, is scaleable and therefore affordable for small agencies through to ministries.

100% impressed

Through the Open Door to Innovation scheme (2013), the Department of Internal Affairs recognised AuthoDox software as valuable solutions that are applicable to all of government.

Take the effort out of administration,
 let your employees get back to the 'real work' while software takes care of all the rest. Contact us for more information

Our solution for government addresses problems we see time and time again:

1. Access

Employees don't have access to up-to-date, accurate information, documents or company knowledge, including the latest template versions.

2. One-version-of-the-truth

Duplication of information is rife because of a lack of access, and work is recreated many times.

3. Automating as much as possible,

Otherwise known as, letting your employees get on with the job they were hired to do.

4. Eliminating the $100-an-hour DIY administrator

The people that end up putting their work aside to handle an office administration or document problem.

5. Government-specific requirements, such as:

using best practice methodologies for the Document Management option which are based on the New Zealand Archives Continuum standards for filing

helping staff to comply with the Public Records Act

including programs like Redaction, which are tailored for government agencies

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