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AuthoDox Legal

The only comprehensive Document Management System for the Legal environment

What is AuthoDox Legal?

AuthoDox's Document Management System is made for legal practices. It is an organisational tool based on Client/Matter that integrates with your Practice Management System. Find out more about Document Management.


It is a system that ensures all company records are filed in the correct place, linked to Client/Matter, and are easily retrieved.

It is the only system that ensures documents are not created without being recorded in the DMS.

It provides immediate access to the firm’s knowledge base of precedents, templates and reference material.


Every other Document Management Systems in the Legal market only focuses on filing, no matter what they say.

Uniquely included with AuthoDox Legal

AuthoDox productivity tools

Templates that make documents easy to produce and which look professional

It meets best practice methodologies for the legal environment

It has seamless dual filing, catering for both client/matter and business file structures

Links to AuthoDox Generator to re-use information and automatically create documents

Invaluable aids for litigation support and case management.

Legal-specific templates, such as a settlement statement that means you never have to manually split the rates in a property sale again.

Why invest in AuthoDox DMS Legal?

The bottom line: save time, save money, and reduce frustrations, by using AuthoDox DMS Legal.


You know how valuable your time is. AuthoDox Legal saves your legal office time and effort that is better spent on the 'real' work. Contact us for more information about AuthoDox Legal.

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