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Office Productivity via Automation

What is automation and what it means to your office = Increasing employee productivity, the easy way.

Increase productivity

Automation solutions make manual tasks automatic. This saves you time and reduces the frustration involved in completing tedious or time- consuming tasks and processes. AuthoDox software combines many automated processes to deliver comprehensive products.

‚ÄčGraphic showing how AuthoDox automates tasks to create automatic processes which are combined to make BIG solutions

Automation solutions

Our automation solutions are practical. We take a task that you or your staff spend time doing manually and make it easier and faster. We then make this new and improved task available to all staff who need it.


This means;

work isn't stalled or bogged down by unnecessary tasks

task success does not depend on staff skill level.

The Automation Process

Does it involve documents?

Do you do it often?

Do others do it too?


We strive to make tasks 'one click complete', and if we can't do it, no-one can. If you'd like to know more about how we do things,
see about us.

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