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AuthoDox Report

The AuthoDox Report software is suitable for any long document, such as proposals or annual reports.


The software is used in many organisations,
the largest with over 400 authors who each write lengthy proposals and reports.

AuthoDox report software simplifies tasks common to all report writers and is customised for each organisation .
Its versatility means it is used for everything from short reports and briefings, to long 500 page reports.


Firstly, automating the tricky stuff

Before a single word is typed, setting up:

Cover pages

Report sections e.g. Glossary, Executive Summary

Layout of each section

Headers and footers

Headings and numbering styles

Table of Contents to pick up correct headings with correct


Report information e.g. authors names and contact,
    title, etc in the correct place

...and more...

Secondly, providing tools to achieve complex tasks

The kind of complex tasks that would otherwise require extensive training or a lot of time to do, or both. Many tools are included in the software. Here's just one example of a tool in the software:


e.g. Inserting a large table into a report document

The normal way:

1. Copy and paste table, or import data

2. Make it fit to margins

3. Bypass 'snap to fit' to adjust columns widths and rows

4. Apply table style

5. Apply table text styles

6. Align column data

All of these are easier said than done, and don't always work out how you planned.



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The AuthoDox way:

1. Click button

Graphic showing an AuthoDox button that says 'Insert data table' with different options. Example of AuthoDox's one-click solutions.

The AuthoDox software gives you a perfectly adjusted table, in the company style, with just one button click.

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