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Smarter templates

Professional templates for your organisation.
AuthoDox templates are different.  Smarter. Intuitive. Accessible. Easy. Stable.

  • What are templates?

    Every single Word document has a base, called a template.
    The document adopts margins, fonts and much more from the template, which is how recurring document issues are created by poor templates.

    Good templates ensure documents look professional and are easy to create and use.

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    However, many organisations have templates that at best don't meet their requirements, and at worst have inherent Word issues that produce unstable documents.

    Typically, we see templates that:

    are hard or impossible for employees to access

    have version control issues - different versions in use

    can't be updated

    have many types to update or maintain

    are only the default Word documents, not proper

    corporate templates

    are just "too hard" so employees fend for themselves by

    re-using documents as best they can.

  • Why templates matter

    The quality of your documents depends on their template base. Quality templates help you easily create professional,

    stable documents. Additionally, professional corporate

    templates control company branding and consistency.


    Ad-hoc documents based on poor templates or Word default templates have many problems.

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    Such as:

    they look inconsistent

    they can contain information that is incorrect because it has
        been "left-over" from last time

    they take a long time to reproduce

    they contain errors, e.g. incorrect numbering or pretty bullets


    These problems undermine the authenticity of the document, both it's message and it's credibility.



    Each document takes a long time to reproduce and amend, wasting time and needlessly creating issues. Most importantly, the effort put into creating a corporate identity for your organisation is lost.

How are AuthoDox templates different?

Three features of AuthoDox templates make them sought after:

AuthoDox tools - smart programs that make using documents even faster and easier. For example:

add agenda item automatically

Insert eSignature in correct place

Set document status e.g. draft or final

Easy accessibility - We have several custom options.
For example:

Templates can be centrally located or launch from
    each PC's local drive.

An automatic update program ensures users always
    have the latest versions.

A "Launch tab" inside Word provides the ultimate in

Fully customised to each organisation - layout and styles are just the beginning. For example:

Emphasise text with standout boxes

Logos or graphics change depending on department

Scope to design your own tools suited to your


Each template or template suite includes a customised

Word Ribbon

Contact us to find out more about smarter templates


There are many options, and many different types of templates that are suitable for different organisations. Typically, we work with you to go over any template or document requirements and questions you may have, free of charge. Find out more.


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