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AuthoDox: Authors and Documents

AuthoDox solutions share one underlying principle:
to save people time, money, and effort.


AuthoDox software is versatile and practical, making it suitable for New Zealand businesses.
Whether your organisation employs 4 people or 400 people, AuthoDox can:

1. Significantly cut down your administration time

2. Help organise your office

3. Reduce frustrations in your office



All offices have two things in common:

1. Too much time is spent doing things manually that could be done automatically

For example:

Formatting documents

Navigating the company filing structure

Sharing information from emails


Find out more about Automation solutions


2. The same administration issues plague businesses across the country

For example:

Losing important documents

Files saved to local computers instead of shared drives

Documents being re-used and overwritten


Find out how AuthoDox products and services can organise your office

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