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The "Less-Paper" Office

Realistically, how close are you to paperless? We're going "Less-Paper" with our clients right now.

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Towards the "Less-Paper" Office

The paperless office was a dream of the 1970s that never eventuated because it requires both a radical shift in office practices and procedures and a personal shift in work methods.


We recommend taking a more pragmatic approach and focusing on strategies to achieve the "Less-Paper" Office.


This cannot be achieved by technology alone.

It requires;

implementing a robust filing structure,

appropriate policies and procedures, and

a top-down commitment to applying those policies.

The pragmatic approach

We can help you achieve the "Less-Paper" Office through a practical workshop for your management and staff.


The workshop outlines:

the steps required to audit your present filing structure,

guidelines on how to analyse your incoming and outgoing paper requirements, and

how AuthoDox software can be used to facilitate the Less-Paper Office.


Contact us to arrange a "Less-Paper" Office workshop.

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