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Our staff are fluent communicators, and our focus on users drives us to deliver
patient, purposeful and efficient training programs.

Our expertise can be yours

Our training goes the extra mile. We have worked with Microsoft Word since it was created. We have an in-depth knowledge of how Microsoft Word functions and how it is used in the workplace.


Customised Word training

We can develop customised training for a variety of topics, for example:

working smarter with long documents

collaborative working with other organisations – sharing templates

importing and handling graphics

how to avoid pitfalls with specific Microsoft functions such as cross-referencing, indexing and tables of


Advanced Word training

For the superusers of your organisation we can run a tailored "train the trainer" program. We pass on all our expertise to one or two superusers who will be the point of contact for expert help in your organisation.


This is a cost-effective way to increase the skills of your organisation and to provide an immediate go-to person for your staff.


Contact us to talk about training.

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